Sprah High Reflective Shirt Close Up

spraH Easy Seen Gear was developed after a near miss accident.

The idea came to me the next morning after pulling the roadside bushes and briars out of my clothes.  Sharing the road during low light I needed a garment that would make me visible.  Running with a light in my hand or on my head was not my preference.  The next thought was to “wear a vest”!  The vest would look like a security guard running down the street.  The next big idea was to develop my own safety garment, that would aid in safety, comfort and style.   

The next morning the making of spraH was in the works.  The local fabric store had everything needed to get started, from there I visited the local neighborhood cleaners and seamstress.  She touched up my third grade graphics and three days later the first HIGH VISIBILITY REFLECTIVE  apparel was born on September 20, 2013. 

The garment is designed for safety, work and casual wear.  It is also good for exercising indoors and outdoors with the features of the dry fit stretchable material.  It can be worn with running and causal shorts, jeans and khakis.  There are many other uses, such as:  Construction and warehouse operations, commuter bike riders, campers and over the road drivers.  NEVER COMPROMISE SAFETY. 

The more the shirt was seen the more people inquired about it.  Friends and family were the first customers and now spraH is a small business from a near miss accident.  A percentage of each sale is donated to kids education and a program designed to send kids to camp.